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Date(s) - 16/03/2018
16:00 - 22:00

Stafford House San Francisco, California

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Bridging the Gaps – Digital Healthcare between Vision and Reality



The event is free of charge: Register on Eventbrite or on Meetup.
Eventbrite - Meetup: Bridging the Gap(s) - Digital Healthcare between Vision and Reality


You are an entrepreneur, scientist or mentor in the digital healthcare system, and want things to change? Well, welcome to the club!

Though, working on revolutions can be tiresome, especially if you’re fighting alone.

Facing the lack between technological potentials and the slowness of concrete implementation, all of us know the daily problems, questions and challenges of changing the healthcare world.

While the system itself is largely stiff, expensive and unjust, healthtech-founders often miss precision, humbleness and real market knowledge.

We from BuildersInHealthcare want to change that, and bring together healthcare protagonists who want to tell their story, and join our agenda to help. We are offering no blah blah, no carnival decoration or vain panel discussions, but a place for talking straight, sharing and solving daily operational problems.

“Bridging the Gap” is our first event of a series in the US, and we are keen to hear your story and would be happy to count you in in our hierarchy-free, non-commercial (online) network on http://buildersinhealthcare.org.

Event Agenda

You will find the full program here:
March 2018 BiH San Francisco Meetup

16:00h – Doors Open
Registration of participants, welcome drinks.

16:15h – Introduction & Warm-Up
What is BuildersInHealthcare and what are we doing here today?

16:30h – Session 1: Strategic Gaps
Revolutionary Visions vs. Real-Life Industry Implementation.

While tomorrow’s technological possibilities seem endless, today‘s healthcare industry is still impeded by countless technical problems like non-interfacing software. We want to examine the effects and causes of this asymmetry and discuss the resulting obstacles for healthcare startups. Together with protagonists from the healthcare industry, we want to check if this gap comprises a threat to the success of digital innovation, if not the entire healthcare system.

17:15h – Coffee Break

17:30h – Session 2: Technology Gaps
Old Economy IT-Deadlocks vs. Interoperability Opportunities.

Oligopolistic and underdeveloped IT-strategies of the past have led to huge technical deadlocks and data incompatibilities. While various new startups are offering new API and bridging solutions, we will take a look at the fundamental technical and structural challenges of IT interoperability and want to discuss if the big existing companies are endorsing, or blocking new innovative products.

18:15h – Finger Food Break

18:30h – Session 3: Investment Gaps
VC-Expectations vs. Long-Term Industry Outlooks.

The healthcare industry is a multi-stakeholder system with highly complex interactions and motivations. While some are making billions, others can’t afford even basic healthcare treatments, and whole states are aching under federal healthcare expenditures. We want to discuss, if VC firms and their expectations are reducing, or increasing these divergences, and if digital healthcare investments should be generally supplemented by „impact investors“, e.g. foundations or ministries.

19:15h – Summary & Closing Remarks

19:30h – Cocktail Reception & Networking

22:00h – End of Event


The event is free of charge: Register on Eventbrite or on Meetup.
Eventbrite - Meetup: Bridging the Gap(s) - Digital Healthcare between Vision and Reality